20111230 (for all): Class Lists

The class lists are now available...
Sec 1: Please see link at the left panel (sorted in alphabetical order)
Sec 2 & Sec 3: Please login to GoogleSite Announcement Page

You are strongly encouraged to visit the class blog to complete an online form before reporting to school.

20111230 (for all): 1st Day of School (3 January 2012)

@ 1 Technology Drive 3 January 2012

Information for Students

1. The school main gate and side gate near the bus-stop will be open from 6.45 a.m. Do be early as some congestion is expected.

2. All students are to report to school in the Atrium by 7.40 a.m. Please look for the placard for your class when you arrive at the Atrium.

3. Attire: SST school uniform. You are reminded that your attire and hair need to be neatly presented.

4. Students are to deposit their food items for the Food Donation Drive at the Atrium when they arrive.

5. If you are coming to school by car, kindly follow the signs along 1 Technology Drive. Vehicles are to turn right at the school’s main gate and students are to alight only at the drop-off point

Programme for 1st Day of School (Click at image to enlarge):

To all students: Bring along a rag/ cloth to wipe your work area clean since you are going to be the first occupant to the room.

Sec 1
: Gentle reminder - Have your learning device fully charged before coming to school. It is not necessary to bring the power cable to the school as you are not using the learning device for long hours during the orientation.

Morning Assembly Area
(click at image to enlarge):

There will be opportunities to do the SST Cheer on 3 Jan 2012.
Please familiarize yourself with the words of the SST Cheer:
S is for super,
S is for smart,
T is for talent,
We have a heart.
Put it all together,
What do you get?
S - S - T!

See you in school on 3 Jan 2012! :)

2012 Sec 1: Collection of Learning Devices

Dear Parents and Students

The vendor will be contacting you via sms & email to confirm the collection date and time of the learning device.

Please be present with your child during the collection as it involves the signing of documents by parents.

There are 3 parts to the Programme
(A) Collection of Learning Device (Starting 30 minutes before the stipulated time in the order form)
(i) Sign documents for Collection
(ii) Completion of Insurance Policy document
*Please bring along your receipt for collection

(B) Training Session (Starting at the time indicated in the order form. Approx 1 hour)
(i) Checking of items to ensure the learning device is in order; signing of checklist
(ii) Setting up of Accounts and passwords
(iii) Configuring Parental Control
(iv) Tips to take care of the learning device
(v) Briefing on the AppleCare Protection Plan Policy (by Representative from Apple)
(vi) Briefing on the Insurance Policy (by Insurance Agent)
(vii) Setting up of AppleID and Purchase of iWork
(viii) Question and Answer

(C) Talk by School for Parents (By Cyberwellness Coordinator and School Counsellor) (Approx 1 hour)
(i) Acceptable Use Policy
(ii) Managing Your Child's use of learning device
(iii) Dangers of the Social Media
(iv) Preventing Internet Addiction

We strongly encourage that one parent to be with the child throughout the programme.

Materials presented during the briefing session is available at MACommunity

WIN a trip to Silicon Valley and other great prizes by telling us why you Can't Live Without Tech!

Dear Students

IDA and IDM Chapter of Singapore Computer Society have collaborated to organised the “Can’t Live Without Tech” contest for students to capture and share their passion for tech, through a simple 1-min video.

This is a great opportunity for you to use your infocomm skills and participate in the contest. The top winners will join the Champions from NIC Study Trip to visit Silicon Valley - the heart of innovation and technology. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Visit the site: www.infocommtalent.sg/cantlivewithouttech

SST Media Resource Library (MRL) - Reading Interest Survey

Dear Students

In 2012, we would be introducing a range of services and reading materials/ resources to the school MRL to support the learning programme and to promote good reading habits.

Please take 1-2 minutes to let us know your reading interest, which would be useful when we plan the collection of books for you. Please complete the survey below by 25 December 2011 so that you inputs could be taken into consideration for the first phase of planning.

Thank you very much.

Community Food Donation Drive 2011

An important date to look out for: 27 December 2011...
Watch the clip to find out more!

2012 Sec 1: ICT Engagement Activity 4

The 4th ICT activity is now available in the blog.
You may scroll to the end of this blog to view the activity or click HERE to access.

2012 Sec 1: ICT Engagement Activity 3

The 3nd ICT activity is now available in the blog.
You may scroll to the end of this blog to view the activity or click HERE to access.

Let's support Dreamation!

N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organised by Nexus for youths to express their thoughts on Total Defence. Into its sixth season this year, the competition has proven highly successful, with more than 5,200 students participating since its inception in 2007. With training and guidance, students with no prior experience in animation have been able to produce clips of broadcast quality to screen on free-to-air television. Some of these clips were even selected for international animation festivals and won several awards.

Click HERE to find out more about the Competition.

After several rounds of assessment, we are proud that one of our teams, Dreamation emerged amongst the top 10 teams. The team comprises of Ng Kok Yin, Celine Chee, Tan Jing Heng, Wee Ren Chang, all from Secondary 2.

The journey began since 2nd semester and all four are now undergoing intensive preparation and production (from 21 Nov to 9 Dec) to produce the animation clips for nationwide broadcasting.

Let's give Dreamation our earnest support and encouragement as they embarked in this exciting learning journey!

The team has been updating their learning journey in the Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Dreamation/262024467151978)
Do follow them and render them with our fullest support.

We would also like take this opportunity to once again congratulate the following teams for doing well in the competition, too:
Top 40: E=CM2 - (Sec 2s) Emily Wu, Michelle Loh, Michelle Lim, Clarabelle Ang
Top 20: DogBiscuits - (Sec 1s) Lim Hao En Toby Gail, Khoo Ping Ping Sandy, Mavis Cheng Shu Yu

2012 Sec 1: ICT Engagement Activity 2

The 2nd ICT activity is now available in the blog.
You may scroll to the end of this blog to view the activity or click HERE to access.

Happy Exploring GoogleMaps!

IT services disruption from 02 Dec 2011 to 5 Dec 2011

Dear students,

As part of our move to the new campus at the permanent site, IT dept will also be moving the IT infrastructure equipments as well. There will be downtime from all school network and server services from 2 Dec 2011 (Fri) 12.00pm to 5th Dec 2011 (Mon) 7.00am.

During this period, all services will be affected, except for SST's internet webpage and student's blog. (Student's Google's Email/Apps and Parent's portal will also be affected). During this period, the school will post any urgent messages/annoucement to the student blog instead.

In addition, students are advised not to return to the existing school campus after the system downtime as the school will be moving over to the new site and there will be no wireless connection for use at the existing campus.

If you experience any technical difficulty in accessing the IT services after the downtime period, please email us at support@sst.edu.sg.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding.

(20111201) Annoucement: ICT HelpDesk Service

Dear Students

The ICT HelpDesk will not be accessible on 1 & 2 December (Thursday & Friday) as we are moving to the new campus at 1 Technology Drive. Service will resume from 5 December 2011 (Monday).

Should you need technical support on 1 & 2 December, you can go down to any Apple Authorised Service Centre (Please click at link to view the list http://www.apple.com/sg/buy/service.html)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

ICT Helpdesk
Click HERE to see more details.