Activity 4: More about your DIGITAL self through digital collage

Objective of Activity

To create a digital collage to illustrate the Web 2.0 tools that you have tried and are familiar with. Here is an example a a digital collage:
Your Task:

  1. List down the various online applications that you are familiar with.

  2. Insert the logos into any application that allows you to insert and organise images.

  3. Save this digital collage as an image and post it in your blog.

  4. In your blog, Insert the URLs where these online applications can be found. Amongst the online applications, pick ONE which is your FAVOURITE and share with us why you like it.


  1. What are the apps that allow us to create a digital collage.

  2. Dear Berwyn

    There are several ways to present a digital collage.

    For instance, if it's a hardcopy (static) format, then the final product could be an image (created by applications like MS PowerPoint?).

    You could also extend your digital collage to something that's more dynamic (e.g. using Glogster?).

    Do a google search on the possible applications that you could create the digital collage and embed it into your blog.

    Happy Exploring :)

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  4. May i know how i can save my glogster glog as a picture?

  5. Is Web2.0 an application or a website ?

  6. Hi Joseph

    If Glogster doesn't provide an option to save as image, then you may want to consider doing a screen capture?

    You can do a quick online search to find out how to do a screen capture.

    Hint: You will have to hold down at 2 keys on the keyboard and press a third key. The screen shot will be automatically saved to your desktop.

  7. Hi Matilda

    You may do an online search to find out the difference? or if one is a 'sub-set' of another?