Activity 3: Let's Tweet!

Objective of this activity
1. To tweet, to follow and be followed
2. To search for tweets

View the following:
Useful resources
Your Task 3
1. From your account, follow the SSTSingapore, the official twitter account from SST.
  • By doing so, you will be updated of happenings and announcements that SST makes via Twitter.
Something to Ponder...

  1. With limited number of characters allowed, how do we insert long URLs in tweets?
  2. Picture speaks a thousand words. How do we include pictures in a tweet?
If you need to For clarification or help needed to complete the above, enter the questions under "COMMENTS". Remember to sign off with your name so that we can respond accordingly. Anonymous questions will not be entertained.

1 comment:

  1. Question 1 answer: Use url shorteners like
    Question 2 answer: Post the file on Facebook then copy the photo address. Next, run it through the amazing url shortener machine. Finally, post the url on twitter. Problems solved :)