Let's support Dreamation!

N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organised by Nexus for youths to express their thoughts on Total Defence. Into its sixth season this year, the competition has proven highly successful, with more than 5,200 students participating since its inception in 2007. With training and guidance, students with no prior experience in animation have been able to produce clips of broadcast quality to screen on free-to-air television. Some of these clips were even selected for international animation festivals and won several awards.

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After several rounds of assessment, we are proud that one of our teams, Dreamation emerged amongst the top 10 teams. The team comprises of Ng Kok Yin, Celine Chee, Tan Jing Heng, Wee Ren Chang, all from Secondary 2.

The journey began since 2nd semester and all four are now undergoing intensive preparation and production (from 21 Nov to 9 Dec) to produce the animation clips for nationwide broadcasting.

Let's give Dreamation our earnest support and encouragement as they embarked in this exciting learning journey!

The team has been updating their learning journey in the Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Dreamation/262024467151978)
Do follow them and render them with our fullest support.

We would also like take this opportunity to once again congratulate the following teams for doing well in the competition, too:
Top 40: E=CM2 - (Sec 2s) Emily Wu, Michelle Loh, Michelle Lim, Clarabelle Ang
Top 20: DogBiscuits - (Sec 1s) Lim Hao En Toby Gail, Khoo Ping Ping Sandy, Mavis Cheng Shu Yu

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