20111230 (for all): 1st Day of School (3 January 2012)

@ 1 Technology Drive 3 January 2012

Information for Students

1. The school main gate and side gate near the bus-stop will be open from 6.45 a.m. Do be early as some congestion is expected.

2. All students are to report to school in the Atrium by 7.40 a.m. Please look for the placard for your class when you arrive at the Atrium.

3. Attire: SST school uniform. You are reminded that your attire and hair need to be neatly presented.

4. Students are to deposit their food items for the Food Donation Drive at the Atrium when they arrive.

5. If you are coming to school by car, kindly follow the signs along 1 Technology Drive. Vehicles are to turn right at the school’s main gate and students are to alight only at the drop-off point

Programme for 1st Day of School (Click at image to enlarge):

To all students: Bring along a rag/ cloth to wipe your work area clean since you are going to be the first occupant to the room.

Sec 1
: Gentle reminder - Have your learning device fully charged before coming to school. It is not necessary to bring the power cable to the school as you are not using the learning device for long hours during the orientation.

Morning Assembly Area
(click at image to enlarge):

There will be opportunities to do the SST Cheer on 3 Jan 2012.
Please familiarize yourself with the words of the SST Cheer:
S is for super,
S is for smart,
T is for talent,
We have a heart.
Put it all together,
What do you get?
S - S - T!

See you in school on 3 Jan 2012! :)


  1. How do I know which class(sec 1) I am in next year?

    Lim Jia Yi

  2. Hi Jia Yi

    The class list is now available in the blog. Please see the hyperlink at the left panel that says, "Y2012 Sec 1 Class List".

  3. Hi Ms Loh,
    Thank you very much.
    Lim Jia Yi

  4. Hi ,the extra T-shirt sec 1 need to bring to the school is the sch uniform or a house clothings?

  5. Dear Berwyn,
    Thank you for your question.
    You may choose to bring any T-shirt as long as there are no offensive wordings on it.

  6. just to check,is the orientation camp on 5-6jan or 4-6jan.

  7. Berwyn

    The orientation camp will take place on Thursday and Friday. In other words, there will be an 'overnight' stay on Thursday.

  8. hi the extra shorts we have to bring must it be home clothing or school shorts

  9. Hi Netraa,
    Thank you for your question.
    You may bring along school shorts or any other shorts.