Sec 1 CCA Allocation

Dear Sec 1 Students,

The 2012 Sec 1 CCA allocation is completed and can be found at the CCA site under the Announcement Page in the Sec 1 students' domain. You can start your CCA next Monday or Wednesday.

If you have any problem with your CCA allocation, please see Mr Lam Hin Chew, HOD Sports and Wellness or Mr Jerome Tan, CCA Coordinator.

Thank you.


  1. Hi i am from sec 1-03 my friend Wun Juan (same class) did not put fencing in any of his choices but got into it,did he not get into any of his 6 choice or was there a typo error in the CCA allocations

  2. Hi I am from S1-05. Will the CCAs be staring next week?Or the week after?

    Lim Jia Yi S1-05

  3. Hi I am Poon Wai Kit from S1-04. Next week is Level Test week. Does that mean I come for CCA the following week or next week?