2012 Science Lecture Series (Sec 3): The Chemistry of Love - Rated PG

The Science Department is launching the 2012 Science Lecture Series for Sec 3 students this week.

To kickstart the series, we are proud to have Dr Christopher Slatter (Subject Head, Chemistry) to deliver a lecture entitled The Chemistry of Love.

Synopsis: The Chemistry of Love - Rated PG

People involved in a loving relationship are often said to have a certain "Chemistry", but does a loving relationship really involve molecules and chemical reactions? It certainly does! In the first SST Science Lecture of the year we will discover the role that Chemistry - with a little help from Biology, Mathematics and Psychology - has to play in the human emotion called "Love."

The presentation will cover:

  • + The Chemistry of men - testosterone.
  • + The Chemistry of women - oestrogens.
  • + The Mathematics of beauty.
  • + Pheromones - the smell of love.
  • + The colour of love.
  • + Love as a drug - the central nervous system.
  • + Addicted to love.
  • + The Mathematics of dating.

  • Dates: 9 Feb (Thur), 14 Feb (Tues)
  • Time: 1430-1530h
  • Venue: Lecture Room
  • Maximum number of participants: 100

Interested students who do not have formal lessons, Support Class or CCA on these days, are welcome to attend the lecture.

Click HERE to register.

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