Activity 1: Blogging with Blogger

Objective of this activity
To create a blog with at least 2 posts, each with text and image(s)

To Create a Blog: For beginners, watch the following videoclip before getting started

Source: Youtube - BloggerHelp's Channel. (2011, November 25). How to create a blog [video file]. Retrieved from

Useful resources

Your Task 1

1. Create a blog, name it "My Journey begins... @ SST"

2. There should be two posts to this blog:
(a) In the 1st post, insert an image that is represents your feelings and reactions when you received the letter/ call that confirms your posting to SST. Share why you choose this picture to represent your feelings and reactions.

(b) In the 2nd post, describe your experience in creating this blog. Also, suggest how blogging can be part of your learning experience in SST.

Submit your blog address in the following form:

Click HERE to see list of Names & URLs (without email address)

Something to ponder...
  1. How to change the order of the posts? (e.g. to move the latest post to the bottom of the page)
  2. How to allow visitors to comment on one post but not the other?
  3. How do we decide to let visitors to comment or not to comment at a particular post?
  4. How many account(s) is/are required if a blog is required for each subject?
If you need clarification on this task, or need help to complete the above, enter the questions under "COMMENTS". Remember to sign off with your name so that we can respond accordingly. Anonymous questions will not be entertained.
  • Cite your image if you are not the owner of the photograph/image.
  • Do not post your photograph in the blog.

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  1. @Rachel Mark Yuen Yee

    Please resubmit the URL of your blog.

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