Sec 1 Service Learning Programme (Term 4 Week 9)

Dear Sec 1 students,

Kindly take note of the following for next week's (Term 4 Week 9) Service Learning Programme.

Attendance is COMPULSORY.

Objectives of Service Learning Programme 
  • To enable the students to increase their awareness of social responsibility by developing an ownership and compassion to serve the local communities 
  • To enlighten the students on the importance of meeting real community needs. 
  • To equip to students with basic service-learning knowledge and planning skills. 

Below is the Programme Schedule.
Click HERE to download details of the programme as well as to groupings.

Gentle Reminder: 
  • Monday 5 November: Report to the ISH at the usual time 8.40 am for morning assembly.
  • Be in your school uniform when attending the Service Learning Programme.

For further enquiries, please see Mr Seth Tan (or you may email him at

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