(20121102) Appeal for Student Volunteers for Project Needy Care 2012 (Community Service)

Dear students,

Some Sec 2 and 3 students are currently working on a two-part service project, entitled 'Project Needy Care 2012'. Their community work consists of a newspaper collection to raise funds for EN Community Services, as well as a house-cleaning project to aid the poor and needy. They would like to appeal for student volunteers to help in the flyer distribution (on 20 Nov, Tuesday, 0900-1200 hrs) and newspaper collection (on 24 Nov, Saturday, 0800-1700 hrs). More details like the reporting venue and service points will be released at a later date after confirming the number of student participation, as discussions are still on-going between the project team and the contractor who will be collecting the newspapers.

For this project, the team is hoping to get at least 100 people to participate, as they aim to cover near to 40 blocks of flats in one day. As such they would really require a large number of SST students to come forward to volunteer for this activity. Potential participants should be physically healthy and fit, have no serious medical conditions, are able to carry out strenuous activity for a substantial duration of time in one day.

Participants for this community service will gain a rich experience of serving the community by way of fund-raising and direct interaction with the community, as well as obtaining some CIP hours (approved by school).

If you are interested in participating in this project, please SIGN UP HERE ! (Closing deadline is 9 November 2012, Friday). Please note that there will be briefing sessions before the actual flyers distribution and newspaper collection dates.

Thank you very much!

From: Project Needy Care 2012 Committee

For more enquiries, you may contact Mr Seth Tan

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