20121011 ASEAN-Japan 1st Cyber Security Awareness Week

The 2nd week of October 2012 has been designated the inaugural ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Awareness Week, with the tagline “Be Aware, Secure, and Vigilant”.

The ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Awareness Week is the first collaboration event between ASEAN member states and Japan on security awareness raising initiatives. A collection of cyber security collaterals have been developed for the various countries’ usage to promote the Awareness week, one of which is the awareness video relevant for sharing with students who are likely to be avid online users.

The awareness video is hosted at https://www.gosafeonline.sg/media/asean_eng.mp4 .
What's in the video:
  • 0:54 Beware of Careless Website 
  • 1:58 Leakage of important information by targeted email attack 
  • 3:07 Unfamiliar email may make you a perpetrator in a DDos attack 
  • 5:34 If your password is stolen 
  • 7:48 Summary
More information on ASEAN-Japan 1st Cyber Security Awareness Week can be found at https://www.gosafeonline.sg/inaugural-asean-japan-cyber-security-awareness-week

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