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August issue
   Discovery Channel Magazine Contents
  • Sonic Boom: exclusive interview of Chuck Yeager’s record-breaking life.
  • Sweet Isolation: 12 pages photo story about Jacob’s trip to Isabela last year in this issue. This trip is where the start of the Katutubong Filipino Project happened. The article also mentions the Katutubo Project.
  • Wallenda’s Wired World: Nik Wallenda’s walk across Niagara falls captured global attention…

August issue

National Geographic Contents
  • East Side Story: The "other London" gets ready for its role as venue for the Summer Olympics.
  • Tibet's Golden "Worm": Wormlike yartsa gunbu is part fungus, part larva—and for those who find it, pure profit.
  • What a Dive! : The gannet can plunge into the sea at 70 miles an hour and go as deep as 50 feet.
  • Chasing Lightning: Tim Samaras zips along with his 1,600-pound camera, aiming to snap the birth of a bolt.        

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