Youth Day: ‘Dress and Pledge’ and Inter-house Cosplay Challenge (Updated)

We are observing Youth Day tomorrow on Friday 29th June 2012 and we invite all students to be involved in ‘Dress and Pledge’.

You are invited to come in your Cosplay outfit (make up allowed) or come as a super hero or a famous character. If you do not have a full costume, you could consider wearing a mask or any self-made hat or outfit using recycled materials. You could also just come in casual wear that you would normally wear when on an outing. Do remember to apply decency and appropriateness in your choice of your outfit and footwear.

  • Please note that for S&W lessons, you will have to change into your S & W attire (inclusive of the appropriate footwear).
  • Students who are sitting for the GCE O Level Mother Tongue Oral Examination will need to change into their SST uniform for the examination. Please refer to the information of the examination presented by Mdm Bek earlier on Monday (25 June 2012).
  • There will be lessons as usual. 

The 2012 Inter-House Cos Play Challenge will be conducted during assembly on the same day.

Two representatives of each house will parade in their best Cosplay outfits during assembly. The Cosplay characters will be judged on their costumes and likeness to the characters. The introduction by emcees and how the characters are presented will also help the judges in the casting of their votes. Each house will be given a maximum of 6 minutes to introduce its Cosplay characters. Each house is also responsible for any use of the LD for projection and music. Winning houses will receive prizes and be awarded valuable house points.

House captains please submit the names and pictures (if any) of your Cosplay characters to Ms Patricia Ng today.

While we have fun and laughter on Youth Day, we also remember those who are less fortunate. Hence, it is also a day in which we pledge a portion of our pocket money for charity. Do remember to set aside some of your pocket money for a good cause. We will be collecting it for Community Chest during assembly.

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