NEmation 7! Together we Overcome

Dear students,

In conjunction with N.E.mation 7, I have organised a private content development workshop on the 17th July 2012.

Date: 17th July 2012, Tuesday
Time 2pm - 6pm
Venue: ADMT Studio 1
Registration Deadline: 4th July 2012

The content development workshops is to equip students with valuable story creation skills and storyboarding techniques.
You will be given an introduction to the world of animation, as well as case studies and seed ideas on the competition theme.

Click on the following for competition theme.

There will also be break-out clinic sessions where the experienced animation trainers will offer insights on how to turn your stories from good to great!

You may form groups of 3-4 members.
You do NOT need to have prior animation experience to participate in this competition.
Fill in the following form to register for the content development workshop.
Limited vacancy: max 50.

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