Invitation as Co-author (preparation for eLearning Week)

Dear Students

The eLearning week is going to take place in Term 2.
To facilitate learning and submission of work remotely, please check to see that:

1. You have been invited as a co-author to the class blog & subject blog (if your subject is using the blog).
  • If you are not a co-author yet, please provide your email to your form teacher/ subject teacher so that you can be invited to be the co-author of the blog.
2. You are able to access the GoogleSite.
  • eLearning schedule and activities will be posted in the Googlesite.
  • Please see Ms Rini (ICT HelpDesk) to reset the password if you are unable to access the GoogleSite.

The above should be completed by Term 1 Week 8 (24 February 2012)

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