(20120225) Invitation to schools to contribute write-ups from staff and students to MOE’s IremembermySchoolDays project

In Sep 2011, MOE launched the iremembermySchoolDays project to collect memories of school days from within schools, MOE HQ and the public. This project is part of the National Library Board’s larger Singapore Memory Project to collect, preserve and provide access to the memories of our nation, with the target to collect 5 million stories by 2015 in commemoration of Singapore’s 50th birthday.

iremembermySchoolDays aims to allow members of the public, staff and students to share personal memories of their school days, to deepen the sense of shared heritage and rootedness to Singapore.

The NE Unit would like to invite school staff and students to contribute write-ups to share their memories of how core NE events (e.g. Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day) are or were commemorated in school. Such write-ups could share personal perspectives of what the events meant to the individual, and could include photographs or videos.
For sample write-ups, please refer to http://www.iremember.sg/

Memories of NE events can be sent to moe_cceb@moe.gov.sg
Please indicate name, school, class (for students), date and email address.

Thank you for your contribution to the Singapore Memory Project.

Source: NE FORTE 24 February 2012 ISSUE
Character & Citizenship Education Branch. Student Development Curriculum Division. Ministry of Education
(Extracted from http://library.edumall.sg/library/slot/reslib/dc57/6e97f71c7_56785.pdf)

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  1. Hi, I'm Ivan and a team member of the Singapore Memory Project (SMP). Thanks for your support for the SMP. Much appreciated! If contributors have any questions on what to write, feel free to contact us at irememberSG@nlb.gov.sg or drop us a comment/ tweet at our blog/ Facebook page or Twitter respectively. Best regards.