20120116 New Timetable Timing (Effect from 25th Jan Wed)

Dear Students,

Attached is the new timetable timing. It will take effect on Wednesday after Chinese New Year.


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  2. Just to feedback, the link to the timetable itself is still not working...

  3. Whats the rationale to put the lunch time on monday to -5 minutes.

  4. Hi Aaron,

    The timetable is pushed back 5 minutes everyday to ensure curriculum time for first period is not loss due to movement from hall to classroom after morning assembly. This resulted in your day ending 5 minutes later for Tuesday to Thursday with the exception of the day you are attending your Applied Subject lessons.

    For Monday, it is decided that having a 45-minute lunch break (which is still pretty long) is a more favourable solution as compared to ending your day later by 5 minutes.

    Mr. Chan