20120119 NE-Mation 2012

Dear Students,

Last year, more than 100 teams participated in the annual NE-mation competition with the theme 'NS: From Fathers to Sons'. We are glad to announce that a team from SST has done very well and have been shortlisted into the final Top 10 of the competition. The team details are as follows:

Team Name: C9 Dreamation
Made up of students from the 2011 class of S2-08. They are:
Ng Kok Yin (Class 3-06) - Team leader
Celine Chee (Class 3-02)
Wee Ren Chang (Class 3-09)
Tan Jing Heng (Class 3-05)

Teacher mentor: Ms Seah Yen Sin

The team would like the SST community to support their efforts by visiting http://nemation.sg/ and vote for the team

Voting ends on 7th Feb 2012. Please support and do spread the word to your family and friends as well!

Thank you for your kind support.

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  1. Mr Johari, the total amount of participants were almost 1000 teams~
    In addition there were two other teams who took part~ Dog Biscuit and E=cm^2