20120103 (for all) TimeTable

The class timetable is now available via the Student blog.
You may click at the link for Timetable at the left panel to access.


  1. What is TS/c in the time table

  2. T:Talent, where those selected for Talent Development program(TDP) go for it.
    S:Support, where those who need help in certain subjects can go for extra support
    C:consultation. Where those who need help can book a meeting with their subject teacher.

    I think.

  3. @berwyn

    its like a period where you can complete your homework, study, revise and consult your teachers when you need help.


  4. @berwyn

    This is a period where you either go for Talent Development Program if you are selected, or you can book your teachers for Consultation if you need help, for you go for Support where you are given extra help in the subjects you are especially weak in.

    If not, it is a time for you to do homework or project work.

  5. I can't view the time table now

  6. @Berwyn

    An alternative version has been uploaded.
    Try clicking to view the timetable.